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I have spent the last 20+ years studying human behavior and business as well as worked with thousands of executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes and celebrities all over the world. My coaching and therapy sessions are unique in that I use a multidisciplinary approach which powerfully guides my clients through deep internal shifts which allow them to become who they were meant to be and who they want to be at their core and gain insights on how to run their teams or businesses into high performance mindsets. I take great pride in helping each client achieve their goals while achieving balanced success in both their personal and work lives.  I continue to grow my practice and focus on providing ethical, quality coaching by keeping busy with my own education, adding to my credentials and following strict licensing rules of the organizations to which I belong. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am blessed to do what I love.

My clients are all over the world and from diverse backgrounds and thanks to the internet and technology I am able to service my clients wherever they live in the world.  I use an online meeting tool called Zoom for coaching and therapy sessions or I travel to the client or we meet somewhere in the world for VIP days, off site meetings or retreats. I am based in Kelowna located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. I am grateful to be surrounded by an oasis of mountain trails, lakes and, yes, hundreds of world class wineries. I am living my dream living surrounded by all of my favorite things, nature, hiking, water and beautiful wine be still my beating heart!

I have lived and worked all over the world including North America, the Middle East, and Europe. I love to travel and adventure and I have travelled to 71 countries and counting. Here at home in Kelowna, I am surrounded by some of the most gorgeous views in the world and am inspired every day to live my best possible life.  I’m excited, as always, to share this inspiration with my clients.

Before I became focused on my coaching and therapy practice I worked in the corporate world for a multinational organization where I was a Vice President and responsible for six million dollar piece of business. I have much to share with my corporate clients regarding business and high performance leadership, teams and organizations. Over the years I have continued to form new small companies and consider myself a serial entrepreneur. I have also competed in high level sports and understand the mental toughness and agility both athletes and executives must master in order to be successful. If you feel you can relate to this or what to continue to raise the bar in your life, or organizations please consider one of my Elite High Performance Programs

I grew up near Calgary, Alberta on a horse ranch. This is where my deep love of animals started and with it, the learning of what incredible healing powers horses can hold. Having gone through, and healed from my own traumatic events, Equus therapy and coaching is near and dear to my heart.  Incorporating it into my practice was a no-brainer! I welcome you to read more on my exclusive D.E.A.L. (Dynamic Equus Assisted Leadership) program. I am incredibly proud of the work done in this field. 

Much like horses bring me peace, certain places in the world also overwhelm me in a similarly good way.  For me, the desert is one of those places – and I visit often. Its energy, beauty, peaceful silence, the warm air, and starry night sky bring a certain clarity to our minds. I am left grounded, recharged and ready to tackle new chapters in my book of life. I am excited to share more retreats set in the desert and other inspiring locations around the world in the future to help both men and women.  You can view more information about the Man Cave Intensive and Women’s Retreat here.

I was blessed to be back in the desert recently filming an extraordinary project called “Becoming the Keys.” The film is written and produced by the award-winning Robin Jay and directed by the brilliant Michael Su.  We wrapped up filming in Sept 2018, and I am excited as all get out for the release on January 17, 2019! This beautiful movie is full of profound wisdom and inspiration. I am honoured to have been asked to be a part of the brilliant cast of thought leaders.  This is the final film in the trilogy of The Key Movies and is sure to change many lives. 

As a results-driven coach, trainer, and facilitator, my passion is transforming lives, building businesses and improving revenue.  I deeply understand the challenges, obstacles, and setbacks in business and in life. I’ve personally lived through many of them – successfully.

What, I’m not perfect? No. O-M-G No, far from it.

Everyone has a story and none of us gets out of life unscathed, I am no different. My life has had it’s share of crisis, traumas, and sickness. At one point in my life I was diagnosed with PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder and had to find a way to heal myself in order to get back into the game of life and achieve what I knew in my core I could and would. If you feel you are ready for some healing before diving deeper into coaching please have a look at some of my healing therapy programs. I often use multidisciplinary approach to therapy infusing, behavior therapy, hypnotherapy, ACT therapy and of course my favorite healers horses, Equus Therapy.

Contact us here to learn more about our therapy and healing programs.

I am fiercely proud of my education and my diverse range of certifications which bring my wisdom and a deeper more powerful ability to serve my clients. It’s almost a full-time job just staying current with the continuing education each requires. Amongst many other certifications I am an ICF certified PCC, Master certified executive coach, Master certified business coach, Master Certified Life coach, C-IQ certified coach, Intelligent Leadership certified coach, certified NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, Equus coach, personal trainer, nutritionist, image consultant, serial entrepreneur and an imperfect woman thriving in this world. I can tell you that I have many tools to help guide and teach you to live your best possible life too.

Together, we will overcome blocks, and learn to live a life full of purpose while driving business, teams, functions, and meeting revenue goals.  I take a holistic approach by first gaining a sound understanding of your blind spots, derailing behaviors, vision for growth, business objectives, and personal and professional evolution goals.

It is important to me that I positively impact your life both professionally and personally with certified ethical therapy and coaching.



PCC, International Coach Federation, Professional Certified Coach
CMC, International Coach Federation, Certified Mentor Coach
Master Certified Executive Coach
Master Certified Business Coach
Master Certified Life Coach
Master Certified Equus Coach
Master Certified High Performance Coach
Master Certified Omni Coach
Master Certified Purpose Coach
Master Certified NLP Practitioner
Certified Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach ISEI
Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach C-IQ
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Mediator and Conflict Resolution Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Functional Nutritionist
Certified Image Consultant


Founder & CEO of The Omni Coach Institute
Founder:” The D.E.A.L. Programs”, Dynamic Equus Assisted Leadership Programs
Founder: “The Man Cave Intensive”, Experiential Workshop & Retreat for Men
Founder: “Ignite & Elevate” Speaker Series, Personal Mastery Program, Workshop, Event & Retreat
Founder: “What Now?” & “What Next?” Workshops
Founder: “Execute Babe” Leadership & Business Academy
Founder: “The Executive Angel” Leadership & Business Academy
Founder: “Elite High Performance Leadership” Academy


Movie: “Becoming The Keys” The Key Movies, Produced by Robin Jay

Book: “Get A Grip: Self Coaching Program, 16 Steps to More Clarity, Focus, Motivation, Productivity, and More Life!”

Books coming soon 2018:  “The Executive Angle” and “Executive Babe” ….and in 2019 “Leadership Intelligence” and “Lessons from the Herd”. Future books are in the “percolating” stage and are coming soon…


The Leadership 360 Profile
Hogan Profile
MBTI Myers Briggs Profile
Social & Emotional Intelligence Profile – SEIP
Social & Emotional Intelligence 360 Profile
Insights Discovery
DiSC Profile
TKI Kilmann Diagnostics Conflict Management
ISEI Social & Emotional Intelligence
C-IQ Conversational Intelligence
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
Fierce Conversations
Strengths Finder
Kolbe A Index
True Colors
Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles
… and many others!

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