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MOVIE: Becoming The Keys

Kelly Lee Bennett is honored to be one of the the brilliant cast of thought leaders of the upcoming film “Becoming the Keys” written and produced by award winning producer Robin Jay and directed by the brilliant Michael Su in production now and due to be released January 17, 2019. This beautiful movie it is full of deep wisdom and inspiration and Kelly looks forward to sharing it with the world.

Signature Programs:

As a high achiever, you are a highly effective executive, successful entrepreneur, or a professional athlete or celebrity. Your life, career or business are pretty good but you know there is so much more you can do. True high achievers have a continual passionate fire burning in their belly and are usually always looking for more. You are ready to level up your game.

Equus Coaching DEAL

Horses tap into our souls without ever saying a word.  With all communication, 90% is non-verbal but what these elegant and intuitive animals can expose deep within the hidden corners of our souls is truly compelling. Combine the power of these animals with a certified coach, and the experience is unequivocally unique, educational and healing.


Feel the sparks land on you and allow yourself to catch fire as you listen to Kelly and her guests share deep wisdom, inspiration and motivation on how to Ignite or Re-Ignite your life, business or organization.

Ignite your life, your team, your organization!Let’s connect and determine the best way for us to work together



PCC, International Coach Federation, Professional Certified Coach
CMC, International Coach Federation, Certified Mentor Coach
Master Certified Executive Coach
Master Certified Business Coach
Master Certified Life Coach
Master Certified Equus Coach
Master Certified High Performance Coach
Master Certified Omni Coach
Master Certified Purpose Coach
Master Certified NLP Practitioner
Certified Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach ISEI
Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach C-IQ
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Mediator and Conflict Resolution Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Functional Nutritionist
Certified Image Consultant


The Leadership 360 Profile
Hogan Profile
MBTI Myers Briggs Profile
Social & Emotional Intelligence Profile – SEIP
Social & Emotional Intelligence 360 Profile
Insights Discovery
DiSC Profile
TKI Kilmann Diagnostics Conflict Management
ISEI Social & Emotional Intelligence
C-IQ Conversational Intelligence
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
Fierce Conversations
Strengths Finder
Kolbe A Index
True Colors
Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles
… and many others!


Founder & CEO of The Omni Coach Institute
Founder:” The D.E.A.L. Programs”, Dynamic Equus Assisted Leadership Programs
Founder: “The Man Cave Intensive”, Experiential Workshop & Retreat for Men
Founder: “Ignite & Elevate” Speaker Series, Personal Mastery Program, Workshop, Event & Retreat
Founder: “What Now?” & “What Next?” Workshops
Founder: “Execute Babe” Leadership & Business Academy
Founder: “The Executive Angel” Leadership & Business Academy
Founder: “Elite High Performance Leadership” Academy


Movie: “Becoming The Keys” The Key Movies, Produced by Robin Jay

Book: “Get A Grip: Self Coaching Program, 16 Steps to More Clarity, Focus, Motivation, Productivity, and More Life!”

Books coming soon 2018:  “The Executive Angle” and “Executive Babe” ….and in 2019 “Leadership Intelligence” and “Lessons from the Herd”. Future books are in the “percolating” stage and are coming soon…


“FEEL, HEAL & DEAL” – Transforming Crisis into Success”: My story of Overcoming a life time of Compounding Crisis. Discover how I spent many years hiding behind the mask of perfection and becoming an overachieving freak, fueled by my corporate and financial success and ‘saving’ others persona. It all finally blew up in my face and forced me to get real reinvent myself and my life. Let me share with you how my PTSD diagnosis became my GPS to finally finding my center, harmony, happiness, purpose and meaningful success.

“4-LEGGED LEADERSHIP” – Lessons from the Herd” Let a horse show you who you really are! ……Horses don’t care who or what you are and they don’t have time for BS, facades, arrogance, flaky indecision or any of your “stuff”. A glimpse into the way of the Equus, Stories of powerful healing and lessons in connection, engagement, and leadership. Hear about some skeptic executives, entreprenuers, professional atheletes and everyday people who have allowed themselves to have the experience of horses reveal who you really are, how to be their essential self and teach them how to lead and engage their own ‘herd’ with power and elegance.

“LEADERSHIP INTELLIGENCE” – How smart leaders inspire, engage and succeed.” Learn how to master Social, Emotional and Conversational Intelligences to connect deeply and engage those around you. Intelligent leaders learn the neuroscience behind the chemical cocktails the brain produces, and how this affects our behaviors when interacting with others. Discover the power of increasing your Social and Emotional intelligence competencies. Learn how to communicate and have conversations that allow for new ideas to emerge using Conversational Intelligence. Finally put the final polish on your leadership style by incorporating the magic of understanding energy, flow, yin & yang and regulating your masculine and feminine leadership energy.


  • Stand Up Comedy: “The Improv”, Palm Beach Florida, and various sketchy clubs and open mic nights around the world! – I love stand up, by far the most challenging thing I’ve ever done and will continue to do whenever I get the chance!
  • Travel: 66 Countries and counting……..I love to travel and experience new cultures. I’ve experienced everything from 7 Star hotels to highly dangerous and life threatening situations in the countries I’ve traveled to! Precious memories and growth on each adventure.
  • Live and Work abroad: Done! Lived and worked in 5 different countries on 3 different continents.
  • World Cruise – X2 Done!
  • African Safari – X3 Done!
  • Dublin Marathon, 26.2 miles, completed in 5:27 hours – One and Done!
  • 3rd Place in Masters Women’s’ Figure Competition – One and Done!
  • Start an Accredited International Coach Training School – Omni Coaching Institute- Done!
  • Teach Leadership at an Ivy League University – Done!
  • Teach Leadership at a girl’s school in Afghanistan – Done!
  • Operate an International 7 Figure Business – Done!
  • Host a TV Breakfast show – One and Done!
  • Become a Radio Show Host – One and Done!
  • Star in a Movie – Done!
  • Become a Key Note Speaker – Done!
  • Become an author – Done!
  • Become an Amazon Best Selling Author ……….working on it!
  • Start a Non-for-Profit Organization that funds education and support for girls and women globally ……..still dreaming and scheming and working on this… coming soon!
  • Start a Non-for-Profit Organization that protects and supports animals globally ……..still dreaming and scheming and working on this… coming soon!
  • Open a High-End Restaurant, Piano Bar, Night Club with a unique twist ………coming soon
  • Marry my dream man – Done!……….Okay, so it took me 3 “practice runs” but finally I’ve found him!
  • Build dream home on the water in wine country……. Almost Done!….. completion date April, 2019!
  • Live into my Purpose; be a Catalyst for Change and Growth and have a Positive Impact on the Lives that I touch and make a difference in the world.

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