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Transforming Crisis into Success”: My story of Overcoming a life time of Compounding Crisis. Discover how I spent many years hiding behind the mask of perfection and becoming an overachieving freak, fueled by my corporate and financial success and ‘saving’ others persona. It all finally blew up in my face and forced me to get real reinvent myself and my life. Let me share with you how my PTSD diagnosis became my GPS to finally finding my center, harmony, happiness, purpose and meaningful success.



Lessons from the Herd” Let a horse show you who you really are! ……Horses don’t care who or what you are and they don’t have time for BS, facades, arrogance, flaky indecision or any of your “stuff”. A glimpse into the way of the Equus, Stories of powerful healing and lessons in connection, engagement, and leadership. Hear about some skeptic executives, entreprenuers, professional atheletes and everyday people who have allowed themselves to have the experience of horses reveal who you really are, how to be their essential self and teach them how to lead and engage their own ‘herd’ with power and elegance.



How smart leaders inspire, engage and succeed.” Learn how to master Social, Emotional and Conversational Intelligences to connect deeply and engage those around you. Intelligent leaders learn the neuroscience behind the chemical cocktails the brain produces, and how this affects our behaviors when interacting with others. Discover the power of increasing your Social and Emotional intelligence competencies. Learn how to communicate and have conversations that allow for new ideas to emerge using Conversational Intelligence. Finally put the final polish on your leadership style by incorporating the magic of understanding energy, flow, yin & yang and regulating your masculine and feminine leadership energy.

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