I chose Kelly as my coach because she had such an incredibly diverse background, I figured she could help me. Little did I know just how big of an impact she would have on my life. Armed with some 360 degree feedback that I wasn’t particularly happy about, Kelly asked me questions that ignited a series of insights. She helped me realize that the inability to be truly vulnerable was holding me back. She accompanied me down the path to genuine vulnerability; coached me in writing my first book; coached me through difficult business decisions all the while holding me accountable for goals I set. Her hallmark empathetic ear and tender heart won my trust – the kind of trust and support that leads to great achievements (and lifetime friendships)! Trust Kelly, she will guide you to greatness!

Senior Foreign Service (ret.), author, business owner, speaker and leadership coach

Kelly Lee Bennett is still to this day, one of the most understated and most unassuming and powerful professional women I have ever met. What I appreciate most about working with Kelly is that she knew how to push my buttons and challenge me and set me back on my behind and make me think – deeply. She manages to this without conflict or a power struggle or make me feel the need to defend – that’s a gift. I felt safe enough with Kelly to explore parts of me that I had been avoiding or had stuffed for years but which I knew were getting in my way in life, business, my leadership style and most importantly my ability to achieve the level of happiness I hoped would come with my professional success. Kelly not only helped me fine tune, and bring me up to date on my leadership style, she also helped me discover where I wanted to go over the next 5 years, including legacy, purpose, and creating a new business. I’ve been Blessed with success in business but I have never felt more fully charged or excited about my future until now and I believe it’s due to my work with Kelly. You can’t put a price tag on happiness and you can’t really put a price tag on the benefit of coach sessions with Kelly Lee Bennett, knowing and working with her is priceless.

CEO Fortune 500

Kelly Lee Bennett is a freak! I mean that in the best possible way and when you get to know her your will completely understand. My whole life I have been surrounded by coaches, sports psychologists, mentors, trainers, etc. I met Kelly at a high-performance leadership event and in our group coach session (which she was leading) I witnessed and felt her power and her gift for reading people. Kelly is highly intuitive and there is no where to hide once in session with her, she is highly accomplished and understands the high-performance mindset and the challenges that can bring first hand. As she always said “your strengths can become your greatest weakness as you grow into your greatness” she was exactly correct. I found Kelly’s coach/therapy methodologies to be highly effective in helping me create a powerful, high performance mind that I can know control with sustainability and with repeated success. I feel like I am driving, not my emotions, beliefs or thoughts, I am in control of me. I feel like there is no challenge too big for me to take on. She taught me about myself like no one else has been able to do and helped me heal, acquire new skills and ways of being through her coaching, hypnotherapy and experiential Equus coaching with the horses. My time with Kelly Lee Bennett was truly transformational on every level of my being and I can’t thank her enough for continuing to challenge me and believe in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.

Olympic Athlete

If Kelly Lee Bennett has time for you in one of her VIP days this year you’d be a fool not to book it. But get ready, buckle up it’s intense, hard work – and fun! Kelly understands business, life, human behavior and how to help you build solid strategy for your organization big or small. She will guide you deep into the messy parts of your business, peel back and dissect all you have been avoiding even if it means ripping the proverbial band-aid off that deep wound you have left unattended. My business was three years old and struggling when I was referred to Kelly and my personal life wasn’t exactly balanced either. I knew I needed help but just couldn’t see how I could afford it but I took the risk and have never looked back. Now 9 yrs. later I hire Kelly for a VIP day twice a year, the ROI is at least 1000 times the investment in time with Kelly. Kelly is fast paced and doesn’t waste your time if you want extraordinary fast transformation and solutions and a step by step blueprint to implement over the coming months then I highly recommend Kelly. Kelly is an extraordinary coach, mentor and a rare human being.

Entrepreneur Medical Industry

Over the span of my 25-year career I have worked with many coaches all of which I have greatly benefitted from but where Kelly Lee Bennett was able to take me personally and professionally is incredible. She also coached my entire executive team and within the year we increased our bottom line by 300,000,000,000! Kelly taught us a new way to understand each other, communicate, how to have creative and successful conflict and debate and most importantly how to make more powerful decisions together as an executive team. Kelly had her work cut out for her, our senior executive team were spread out all over the world, and already highly successful seasoned leaders but Kelly was able to crack us all wide open and guide us in learning more about ourselves and how to come together cohesively as a team. We have spent many hours with “our” Kelly and we have come to consider her an integral part of our executive team and credit her with our current growth despite the energy markets decline.

C-Suite Executive Oil & Gas

Within the first 5 minutes of talking to Kelly I knew she was going to change my life! But to be honest when I was first referred to Kelly Lee Bennett I felt intimidated after hearing about her success in the corporate world, her life story, her legendary coaching methodology…..is there anything she hasn’t done? Overcome? Achieved? Experienced? Or Travelled to? In fact, she is incredibly warm, humble, down to earth and full of fun and humor. Most people probably don’t know that Kelly modelled and competed in fitness and she is currently (along with her long list of other certifications and credentials) certified in personal training and functional nutrition. I hired Kelly to help improve my confidence, mental game, and presentation skills but she encouraged me to explore many other parts of myself I didn’t even think needed taking a look at. I have a hard time putting into words how I feel about Kelly and the change she brought to my life, my family and my business, accept to say I would not be the person I am today without her wisdom, tenacity and challenging coaching sessions. She is a master, a truly masterful coach who seems to “see” straight through to your soul whether you like it or not!

Fitness Model/Competitor/Actor

Kelly Lee Bennett is an outstanding leadership coach, with an emphasis on high-level executives and their teams. She has skills that set her above and beyond other coaches. She is straightforward and to the point, in a way that doesn’t waste your time and gets right to results quickly. She has a style that encourages safe and open conversations, and she is a fantastic listener who quickly helps the client have insights about how to improve performance and results. She has many years of international business experience, and so she understands and works well with leaders in many countries and cultures other than the West (where she has experience with Canadian, US, UK, Australia and other European countries) including the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Kelly is a fantastic coach who will challenge you, keep you engaged, and help you get where you want to go in your professional and personal life and take your team and entire organization to the next level. I am confident I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t engaged Kelly as my coach.

CEO International Management Consulting Firm